Whiteboard Calendar

 Posted January 23, 2023
Whiteboard Calendar https://caleb-vincent.io/post/2023-01-22_calendar/
Dry-erase calendars, three month, teo months side-by-side in back, one that slides in front. Trimmed in walnut frame in style of late 1800s window

There is always much difficulty in my house involving the calendar—constant flippings, erasings and rewitings of events with handwritting rapidly approaching the microscopic. A whiteboard calendar seemed the cure for our scheduling ailments, but even that comes with its own side-effects—usually only show one month and usually look jarringly modern compared to the rest of our house. While I could find multi-month whiteboard calendars, they were either very big or too small to write in, and all had the mentioned aesthetic issues.

It may not be clear from the photo, but this is a three month calendar—the front panel (right in these phoots) slides. This allows the current and next month to be always be visible, and only requires erasing one month at a time (most of the time).

I had originally planned for this to have month panels that could be removable, which would allow the months to always be in-order. but I decided against that—this look is much cleaner.

Protip: take photos of the project before starting to write personal information all over it.