Comic Box

 Posted February 12, 2023
Comic Box

My daughter needed a place to store comic books, and for some reason I thought making dovetails was a good idea.

Constructed of: walnut for the frame and ends, hardboard for the dividers and bottom, copper clad … something for the side panels.

Her initials are relief carved into the ends panels. These panels are pinned with dowels (floating) at the top and bottom to the frame.

All other joints are dovetails, a router was used for the female side and the male side was hand-cut.

The side panels are floating in gooves. The vertical gooves are under the dovetails—this does a good job of hiding them, but means the horizontal dovetil has a groove though it.

The bottom is also floating in grooves, it is sufficiently stiff for the weight of comics, but there is a lip where the frame is above the bottom where comics can get caught when inserting them. This could have been improved by rounding over the inside of the frame, or by adding spacers to the bottom between the dividers. The later of which I will likely do in the future.

The finish is danish oil, excepting the copper—which has been laquered.

I would like to add a lid, but that is waiting on me finding a 10x24 1/2" walnut board.