Work Table from Old Notebook

AKA: The importance of dating your work
 Posted July 29, 2023 — Originally from about 2000
Work Table from Old Notebook

I’m not sure when this design was from, the notebook it’s drawn in has a 1998 calendar printed on it, but it’s more likely 2000-2001. I was old enough to attempt a cavelier projection, but not old enough to spell “batteries” correctly (pre-teens probably).

I wanted a multi-purpose work area, this work table includes: an adjustable-angle work surface, storage drawers, shelves, corkboard and hanging pegs. Not included: a place to put your legs when sitting at it, room for everything that’s supposed to be in it, and a place to put it.

There was a lot of scribbles on a page I didn’t include, the only intelligible thing there was that the grid scale is 2" (I think).

work table front view
I think this is supposed to show many different sized drawers on the front, it could be slots but I don’t think so. I’m not sure what is supposed to be on the left side, that might be angled shelves or possibly pegs.
work table right side
This side seems to indicate that the top half is covered in pegs. I do not know what the bottom helf is, there’s not enough room inside for a shelf or drawer
work table left side
work table left side self
This side has (removeable?) shelves, a cubby, and wasted space. Hopefully this is the back, otherwise I’m not sure how the shelf slots and front’s drawers are supposed to use the same space.

work table back
Well, I guess this is the back, pretty self-explanitory, just wish the other sides made this much sense.

work table top
work table top wiring
A light up top is kinda cool, though I don’t think it will be very even lighting. Also worth noting that these lights would have been incandescent as cheap white LEDs weren’t a thing then.