Second Wooden Air Return

 Posted August 12, 2023
Second Wooden Air Return

I previously created a wooden air return vent and mentioned that there was a second, larger spot in the floor that needed a vent.

This was made in a similar manner to the first, but in much more of a rush. Instead of double-drilling with a fostner bit and a drill press, I just started with a fostner bit a blasted through the rest with a spade bit. Taping the board down to a piece of sacraficial plywood reduced tearout somewhat.
This version used a larger hole size (1" vs ¾") and both of these boards were ¾". The odd spacing here was a comprimize between even-numbered hole groups and hiding the floor joists. This version is made from oak—excepting the bottom-wall-side which is red elm because I ran out of oak. This one is set horizontal into the floor, so a replacement baseboard had to be patched in.

I was in a hurry to finish this before selling the house—I can’t find any in-progress or pre-build photos, but here are some where it appeared in the background. Please believe me when I say that the over-cuts in the corners were there when I found it, even if they’re not pictured.