Chicken Coop

 Posted April 15, 2020 (Updated July 13, 2022)
Chicken Coop

Planning and construction of a chicken coop.

Sketch 1
First (left in existence) rough sketch

This first draft was a light pencil sketch that resisted digitization.

Sketch 2
Refined second draft

Some actual concern for dimensions was used for the second draft.

3D Modeled

Having a scale drawing allows me to figure out what materials to order, and makes sure I don't forget how to do it. The green will be exposed to the elements and will be treated lumber, the brown can be the cheap stuff. The front and left go into the ground two feet, the other sides rest on the remains of an old barn foundation.

Completed left
Completed - Left Side

Clear roofing has since been added over the run area.

Completed right
Completed - Right Side

Several gaps have been sealed and painted since.