Inch Conversions Table

 Posted November 11, 2023
Inch Conversions Table
Image version of the table containing fractional & decimal inches and millimeters

I wanted a chart of inch fractions to decimal values to put on the wall, since I can never seem to find my ruler with them printed on it. I tried to make it in the style of a mathematical/engineering tables from the first half of the prior century. Insiprations being some volumes I own: “Mechanical Engineers’ Pocket Book” (9th ed. 1915), “Mathematical tables from Handbook of chemistry and physics “(7th ed. 1941), and “CRC Standard Mathematical Tables” (22nd ed. 1974).

The typeface is “URW Bookman”, a serif font that looks similar to my inspirations and has monospaced numbers.

I started by creating a table in a word processor, which achieves most of the desired result. However, there’s one feature common in all my examples—the lines of tables borders do not intersect.

Page 32 from 1920 edition of 'Mechanical Engineers; Pcoket Book' showing a table with figures for U.S. Standard Gauge iron and steel
Example table from 'Mechanical Engineers' Pocket Book'

This is not a feature present in any word processors that I had available, so I exported the document to a PDF and edited the borders with Inkscape.

Additionally available as a PDF. Unfortunately, this PDF doesn’t embed the font and is just a wrapped-up SVG with no text.

Also, the original document format.